About Me

So, this is where I tell you about myself. I am 15 years old, almost 16 (December 31). I am 5'2 and hate it. I have strawberry blonde hair that comes half way down my back. Blue eyes that change color depending on if  I'm in water or not (i know it's strange). I am irish, scottish, german, dutch, and a few other things. I have an 'ok' figure. I am a sophmore in high school (obviously) but with my 5'2 height people think I'm in 6th grade. I love shopping (of course) singing/music, writing and helping you lovely people out. I like the color blue, puppies, rings, books, and pizza. I hate liers, cheaters, and hamburger meat. I'm a very outgoing person and can get along with just about anyone but first impressions weigh heavily on if we become friends or not. I do have a boyfriend. We've known each other for 2 years but got together only a month ago. Well, that's the basics. Comment if you wanna know anything else. Enjoy my lovlies.

                                                                       Sincerly- 'That' Girl

Why Have This Blog?

I figured that this would be a good way to share my "expert" advise to all the wonderful people that take time out of their "precious" schedules to check it out. My friends are always coming to me and asking what I think they shoud do about this-and-that and I thought, "Hey, why not make a site and post all my awesome advise for everyone to see."