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10/27/2013 02:31
Hey, Hey, Hey my lovlies! LOVE! It's everywhere and everyone experiences it. It's where you get butterflies everytime you see/think about him. It's when you think about him constantly when you aren't together. It's when a single text message he sends you makes you smile like an idiot. When you want...

Not a Blog post

10/24/2013 04:35
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Mean Girls

10/24/2013 04:05
Hola my lovlies! So, mean girls. They're everywhere; school, work, maybe the same house as you lol, etc... There's always the leader and then another girl or two that are behind her and just go along with whatever she says. And usually, the other girl(s) that are behind the main one, are doing what...


10/23/2013 11:00
Hello my lovlies! Todays topic will be on friends. Everyone has them and everyone needs them. There's the smart friend who gets straight A's, always does their homework and you always get them to help you with you homework even though it's really just copying theirs. You have the funnny one who...

First blog

10/23/2013 08:29
Ok, so, my first blog post is going to be about....boys. DUH! We'll start with this, "You can't live with them, can't live without them." Makes no sense right? Didn't think so. They can be so complicated can't they? They talk to you one day and ignore you the next. They are nice one day and jerks...
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