10/27/2013 02:31

Hey, Hey, Hey my lovlies! LOVE! It's everywhere and everyone experiences it. It's where you get butterflies everytime you see/think about him. It's when you think about him constantly when you aren't together. It's when a single text message he sends you makes you smile like an idiot. When you want nothing more than to be with him the whole day. Where nothing seems right without him in your life. There are tons of other things that you feel but it would take me way to long to list them all lol. Some people experience their first love sooner than others. I had my first love when I was 12-13. At the time, I thought he was the most amazing person in the world. I thought I couldn't live without him and that without him, my life would be over. That was a very young age to be having those types of feelings. We were together for 9 months and a week when he broke up with me out of the blue. Needless to say, I was devistated and heartbroken. While we were together I felt like he was my whole world. I experienced my first heartbreak at 13. There are good things that can come out of relationships that end though. There are two reasons why I don't regret being in that relationship. 1. He made me come out of my shell. I used to be shy but he was the new kid that year and he didn't care about what anyone thought about him which had a ver big influence on me. And 2. being with him made me realize that I need to get to know someone better before I actually consider going out with them and giving my hear to them. It's been three years since then and I have finally found a guy that I think I will be with for a very long time. I love him very much and can actually see myself being with him for the long run. Love can be the most amazing thing in the world. But it can also be the most complicated. A lot of times, love leads to heartbreak. Which is why you shouldn't give your heart out too easily or too soon before you actually know a guy. Just be causious. Oh, and if you haven't found that special someone yet, that just means that God is still writing your love story :) so don't be too upset/worried. I hope you enjoyed this my lovlies!

                                                        Sincerly- "That' Girl

Not a Blog post

10/24/2013 04:35

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Mean Girls

10/24/2013 04:05

Hola my lovlies! So, mean girls. They're everywhere; school, work, maybe the same house as you lol, etc... There's always the leader and then another girl or two that are behind her and just go along with whatever she says. And usually, the other girl(s) that are behind the main one, are doing what she does for one of two reasons. 1. They're desperate to be liked. Or 2. They're not the sharpest pencil in the box (if you know what I'm saying). I have some of my own. They go to my school and I've known them since 8th grade. They would always mess with me and anytime anything wrong would happen in the class we were all in, they'd always blame it on me. Finally, I had enough of it and I said something to them. It didn't really make them stop messing with me because now (2 years later) they're still doing it. But at least now they know that anytime they do say something to me, I will say something back. Don't take crap from people. Speak your mind a little. And even if the person(s) doesn't stop messing with you, at least they know you won't take their crap lying down.

                                                                    Sincerly- 'That' Girl

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10/23/2013 11:00

Hello my lovlies! Todays topic will be on friends. Everyone has them and everyone needs them. There's the smart friend who gets straight A's, always does their homework and you always get them to help you with you homework even though it's really just copying theirs. You have the funnny one who always makes you laugh and feel better when you're having a bad day. There's your fashionable/flirty friend who you always go to for guy advice and what to wear (me). Then you have the one who is into anime and constantly talks about manga's and brings them to school to read as well. You could also have the crazy friend who thinks she's pyscho and has multiple voices in her head and blames them for certain things that she does. Not that I have a friend like that.....nope......not at all. Anyway, your friends can do crazy things like.....coming to school high/drunk, but you love them anyway (I am not condoning that behavior just FYI). Oh and just a tip, don't have fake friends. You know the ones. They act like they're your friend and then go behind your back and say crazy stuff about you? Yep, that's the one. It's just a bad idea and will cause lots of drama for everyone. But then again, what's life without a little drama right? Point is, choose your friends wisely because real friends will be with you for a lifetime.

                                                                        Sincerly- 'That' Girl 


First blog

10/23/2013 08:29

Ok, so, my first blog post is going to be about....boys. DUH! We'll start with this, "You can't live with them, can't live without them." Makes no sense right? Didn't think so. They can be so complicated can't they? They talk to you one day and ignore you the next. They are nice one day and jerks the next. Kind of like us when we have our monthly visit from mother nature (oh how lovely it is *sarcasm*). Only difference, we have a reason to be moody, they don't. It's just random and annoying as crap. So, ladies, here's what you gotta do when a/your guy is being a total douche.  Give them their space if they aren't really into talking to you at the moment. They need their space sometimes just like we do (believe it or not). And more often then not, after giving them their "much needed space" they will come crawling back to you like the little cry babys they are and will be begging for your attention again. Boys really aren't that complicated to figure out. Especially if you've dated a ton of of them or they make up half or more than half of your friend population, like me. Not the dating a ton of them, the making up most of your friends. I'm not a slut. Yeah. Oh and another thing. If you and your man break up, don't try to keep talking to him. If he tells you that he still wants to be friends, then say yes if you want to still be friends and no if you don't. But just a warning, if you don't want to see him looking at other girls more than you have to, please, don't invite him to go to carowinds/scarowinds with you. Just don't. It doesn't solve anything and it could even make things worse (for you). 


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