First blog

10/23/2013 08:29

Ok, so, my first blog post is going to be about....boys. DUH! We'll start with this, "You can't live with them, can't live without them." Makes no sense right? Didn't think so. They can be so complicated can't they? They talk to you one day and ignore you the next. They are nice one day and jerks the next. Kind of like us when we have our monthly visit from mother nature (oh how lovely it is *sarcasm*). Only difference, we have a reason to be moody, they don't. It's just random and annoying as crap. So, ladies, here's what you gotta do when a/your guy is being a total douche.  Give them their space if they aren't really into talking to you at the moment. They need their space sometimes just like we do (believe it or not). And more often then not, after giving them their "much needed space" they will come crawling back to you like the little cry babys they are and will be begging for your attention again. Boys really aren't that complicated to figure out. Especially if you've dated a ton of of them or they make up half or more than half of your friend population, like me. Not the dating a ton of them, the making up most of your friends. I'm not a slut. Yeah. Oh and another thing. If you and your man break up, don't try to keep talking to him. If he tells you that he still wants to be friends, then say yes if you want to still be friends and no if you don't. But just a warning, if you don't want to see him looking at other girls more than you have to, please, don't invite him to go to carowinds/scarowinds with you. Just don't. It doesn't solve anything and it could even make things worse (for you).