Mean Girls

10/24/2013 04:05

Hola my lovlies! So, mean girls. They're everywhere; school, work, maybe the same house as you lol, etc... There's always the leader and then another girl or two that are behind her and just go along with whatever she says. And usually, the other girl(s) that are behind the main one, are doing what she does for one of two reasons. 1. They're desperate to be liked. Or 2. They're not the sharpest pencil in the box (if you know what I'm saying). I have some of my own. They go to my school and I've known them since 8th grade. They would always mess with me and anytime anything wrong would happen in the class we were all in, they'd always blame it on me. Finally, I had enough of it and I said something to them. It didn't really make them stop messing with me because now (2 years later) they're still doing it. But at least now they know that anytime they do say something to me, I will say something back. Don't take crap from people. Speak your mind a little. And even if the person(s) doesn't stop messing with you, at least they know you won't take their crap lying down.

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